His teeth looked too big for his head, and when he smiled he looked like a cartoon squirrel. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure no one was listening. Tools to track, assess, and motivate classroom reading. Teacher Editions with classroom activities for all 1699 titles we cover. It was just what the Brownshirt had told Josef. They kept arguing, but the engine and the slap of the boat against the waves drowned their words out for Isabel. PDFs of modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. They conducted interviews with persons who gave their accounts of what they had seen. It was easier to stay invisible that way. The policeman raised his truncheon to hit her father again, and Isabel jumped in between them. However, Waleed, unable to cope, has just turned into a robot, numb to the pain around him. Grabbed for him. It was like somebody was sitting on his chest. Captains got the engines maxed out. Has to, the other said. Again. What if they send a navy boat after us? The family of Mahmoud intends to go to Aleppo. Josef tiptoed down the corridor. Im a man now. And when those soldiers said one of us could go free and the other would be taken to a concentration camp, Josef said, Take me.. I know weve been talking about leaving. It was Isabels favorite place in the whole city. Mahmoud's family made the decision to leave Syria after their building gets bombed, and because of the long-term dangerous and violent conditions in Syria. They spilled into the streets, and the few policemen on the Malecn were quickly overwhelmed. No sirens rang. Rachel Landau is a well-known actress. I parked the car nearby. He flailed wildly at the debris, digging and scratching at the wreckage like he could somehow claw his way back to a place where there was air. Josef took a hard candy from a jar and fished in his pocket for another pfennig. Maana, we told them. But they hadnt closed the door tight enough. Who are the characters in the book refugee? Isabel had caught him at dinner. As Josefs eyes adjusted, he saw the seven strangers who had invaded his home. Josef didnt want to leave. He howled louder than a fighter jet, and his parents didnt even tell him to hush. You'll also get updates on new titles we publish and the ability to save highlights and notes. Mahmoud: Aleppo, Syria 2015 (1). Wheres Papi? she asked him. Klaus had joined the Hitler Youth not because he wanted to, but because German boysand their familieswere shamed and mistreated if they didnt. She was already in the street when she stopped, ran to her backyard, and snatched up the little mewling kitten too. So we have money! By tradition, ten or more Jewish men, a minyan, was needed for a public service. Well, Fidel is thickheaded, Luis said. He put a hand to it and came away with blood. Khalid never answered another question in class, not even when the teacher called on him directly. But all Josef could think about was what terrible things must have happened to his father to make him look so awful and act so scared. A wife! Instant downloads of all 1699 LitChart PDFs I saw on the TV theyre accepting refugees. Answers: 1. Soon all of them were laughing with her. Based on the events of the story, which most likely will happen? T he main themes in Refugee are trauma and growing up, the dehumanization of refugees, and empathy and hope. The way the content is organized. Isabels stomach growled. However, Mahmoud decides to stand up for himself and his family. Buying a paper for your father? he asked Josef. Mahmoud grapples with this question of whether it is better to be invisible or visible over the course of the novel as his family travels from Syria to Germany. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Name the three main characters' moms., Name the younger siblings of Mahmoud and Josef., Where does Josef's boat go at first? And this is Ruthie. He wasnt literally invisible. No ambulances came to help the wounded. Lets have a song, Lito said. Josef listened, straining his ears in the dark. What if he had changed his mind? She tells Mahmoud that they will find, Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Germany? Mahmouds mother said. A social worker approaches Mahmouds family and asks if they are seeking asylum in Germany (Germany accepted 124,845 Syrian refugees in 2017 and the EU as a whole accepted 538,000 total refugees). The Free Syria Army and al-Qaeda are fighting there now. The door next to Mahmoud opened, and one of the soldiers nudged him up from the floor and into the back with Waleed. In the year 1938, Josef Landauis a twelve-year-old Jewish child living in Berlin, Germany. A bar mitzvah alone didnt make him an adult. Fatima continues to go from tent to tent, asking about, Mahmoud: Serbia to Hungary 2015, 15 to 16 days from home, cries over all of the events of the past two weeks, he apologizes for giving, Mahmoud: Hungary to Germany 2015, 17 days from home, food, water, and other supplies. PDFs of modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. Give us the whole sum of money! Isabel blinked. Mahmoud and Waleed went tumbling, and the soldier in the back rolled on top of them. The Brownshirt whod taken his father away on Kristallnacht had said, Well come for you soon enough, but Josef hadnt waited. Hated him because of everything hed done to the Jews, but mostly because of what Hitler had done to his father. He used her childhood nickname, like he always did. Not until we reach Cuba. I dont want to go to Cuba, Ruth whined as the train got under way. There were butterflies in his stomach as he got up in front of such a large audience, and his voice broke as he stumbled through the Hebrew words, but he did it. When they got close to the ramp, Papa hunkered down behind the last of the crates. The air was full of dust, and it scratched and tore at his throat as it went down, but Mahmoud had never tasted anything so sweet. Mahmoud saw a cardboard box of used toys at one of the shops and knelt to dig in it while his She knew he would never have let her do it. Meant to lure us out. From the Nazis. This blog is an opportunity for me to explore topics through books! Were almost to the water! I Isabel said, frozen in the bright light of the camera. How old is Mahmoud Bishara Josef the refugee? Daesh thought they were fighting the final war of the apocalypse, and anyone who didnt agree with their twisted perversion of Islam were infidels who should have their heads cut off. Mahmoud pulled himself up out of the rubble and saw the building across the street in raw daylight, like he was standing in midair beside it. But, the difficulties persist as the boat is just a rubber dingy. Every sailor they met doffed his cap at them, and the steward who showed them to their cabin assured them that they could call upon him for anything they needed while on board. To safety. Could they? Nono! She says that she thought, Frau Rosenburg explains that she was a refugee, too, and shows, Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Earn weekly rewards. Isabel smiled, then noticed how big and heavy the gas cans were. his homework. PDFs of modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. What country is Mahmouds family trying to reach? It wasnt just his building that had been hit, he realized. There was a main street in the camp, a wide lane where refugees had set up little shops, selling phone cards and camp stoves and clothes and things people had brought with them but no longer wanted or needed. Wheres your mama? Ruthie asked. Ridiculous! Refugee is a young adult literature novel by Alan Gratz published by Scholastic Corporation in 2017. We can sell the car there and make our way north, to Germany. Everyone stopped while Mahmouds father walked ahead. Step after step, kilometer after kilometer, hed begun to think they would never, ever escape Syria. The old man in the car slows and takes pity on them, offering them a place to stay. Waleed! (LogOut/ They came to a compartment with a man in the uniform of the Gestapo, the Nazis Secret State Police, and Josef stumbled. I need your help in the shed. Ivn climbed to his feet. He has a mother, a father, a younger brother, and a baby sister. It was like they were invisible. Mahmoud himself deals with the contrast between being visible but liable to get hurt and invisible but unable to receive assistance. Klaus had winced to show Josef how sorry he was that Herr Meier had done that to him. Mahmouds mother came out of the bedroom, where shed been folding clothes, and turned off the TV. Its a trick, Papa said when the door was closed. Waleed was ten years old and two grades below Mahmoud in school. (including. Bullets whizzed by, then caught the car againping-ping-pingand Mahmouds dad threw open the drivers-side door and pulled Mom and Hana out with him. At last! That voice, thought Josef. Isabel weaved in and out among them, her trumpet tucked under one arm, looking for Papi and Lito. Along with Isabel and Mahmoud, he is one of the books three protagonists. No one is coming to help us. The next car was the dining car. It hasnt been for months. Her thick black hair was cut short for summer and pushed back behind her ears, and her brown complexion was splotchy with freckles. His papa looked nothing like the man whod been dragged away from their home six months ago. Amara laughed and Luis smiled. She worked her way to one of the cars stuck in the riot, an old American Chevy with chrome tail fins, still around from before the Revolution in the 1950s. Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 6 days, Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 8 days, Isabel: Straits of Florida 1994, 1 day (1), Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 10 days, Isabel: Straits of Florida 1994, 1 day (2), Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 11 days, Isabel: The Straits of Florida 1994, 1 day (3), Mahmoud: Izmir, Turkey 2015, 11 days (1), Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 14 days, Isabel: The Straits of Florida 1994, 1 day (4), Mahmoud: Izmir, Turkey 2015, 11 days (2), Josef: On the Atlantic Ocean 1939, 17 days, Isabel: Straits of Florida 1994, 2 days, Mahmoud: The Mediterranean 2015, 11 days (1), Mahmoud: The Mediterranean 2015, 11 days (2), Isabel: Between Bahamas and Florida 1994, 4 days, Mahmoud: The Mediterranean 2015, 11 days (3), Isabel: Between Bahamas and Florida 1994, 5 days (1), Mahmoud: Lesbos to Athens 2015, 12 days (3), Isabel: Between Bahamas and Florida 1994, 5 days (2), Mahmoud: Macedonia to Serbia 2015, 14-15 days, Isabel: Coast of Florida 1994, 5 days (1), Mahmoud: Serbia to Hungary 2015, 15-16 days, Isabel: Coast of Florida 1994, 5 days (2), Isabel: Coast of Florida 1994, 5 days (3), Josef: Vornay, France 1940, 1 year, 1 month, 10 days, Isabel: Coast of Florida 1994, 5 days (4), Mahmoud: Hungary to Germany 2015, 17 days. We cannot continue guarding the borders of the United States while they send their CIA to instigate riots in Havana. Mahmoud, Waleed, Youssef, and Fatima reside at a Munich school for four weeks until a host family offers to let them share their house with them. But why? Isabel held her breath, and soon the fisherman came back with two enormous plastic jugs of gasoline. Theres no food to feed the baby here anyway, Isabel said. The motor coughed to life, and the boat lurched into a wave, spraying Isabel with seawater. Mahmoud took his younger brother by the hand, turned around, and found a different way home. But we never did. Lito was crying now, distraught. But, eventually he and his family find a new home and get a chance at a new start. Refine any search. She could see it in his wild look. It was hard to tell anymore. Struggling with distance learning? Mahmouds father kept their papers tucked into his pants under his shirt, along with all of their moneythe only other things they owned now besides two phones and two chargers. For as long as he could remember, hed wanted this. Mahmoud began without Waleed. No sirens rang. Renata and Evelyne jumped out from behind a lifeboat and grabbed Josef by the hand. We should have gone long ago. Isabel also deals with a fair share of trauma that expedites this maturity: two years prior, her grandmother Lita drowned during a cyclone in Havana, and on this boat trip Isabels best friend, Ivn, is killed in the water by sharks. The way the content is organized, One of the three protagonists of the book, alongside. They had seen Frozen in a movie theaterback when they could get to the now-government-controlled side of the city that had theaters. A shabby-looking man stumbled out from behind the crates and luggage piled up on the dock, and Ruthie screamed. (LogOut/ What if there was a line of police waiting to arrest them at the beach? The man at the concession stand sold newspapers, and Josef took one and put a coin on the counter. The MS St. Louis. Josef watched as they dragged Papa away to the sounds of Mamas sobs and Ruths wails. Because I was just doing my job?. This must have been the Castilloss plan all alongfor Luis and his girlfriend to run away with them! And why did it matter which one got there first? Refugee (Alan Gratz) What are Mahmoud Bishara's character traits? His only distinguishing characteristics are big ears and wire-rimmed glasses. They left as suddenly as they had come, and Josef and his sister and mother huddled together on their knees in the middle of the room. Overjoyed, Mahmouds father agrees and the man makes arrangements for them. Russian airstrikes have hit here and here in support of that Alawite pig Assad, and American drones are attacking Daesh here and here. Mahmouds eyes went wide. Isabel braced herself between two of the benches, trying to catch her breath. that matters to him in this moment is finding Fatima, Waleed, and his infant sister, are glassy, but he is able to talk. Isabel noticed her father and grandfather heading down the road toward the city to stand in line for food. Mahmouds dad waited for a pause in the gunfire, then scrambled back up the ridge for the car. The Nazis hadnt said it with words, but the message was clear: Josef and his family werent wanted in Germany anymore. My father just got out of a concentration camp. In Hungary, the family is about to be deported back to Syria when Mahmoud leads a refugee march out of the detention center. The policemen pulled off their berets, and Isabel recognized one of them instantlyone was Luis, the Castilloss elder son! They tumbled into the ditch beside his parents. Aaron Landau, one of the Brownshirts said to Josefs father, you have continued to practice law despite the fact that Jews are forbidden to do so under the Civil Service Restoration Act of 1933. She leaped down off the hood of the car and pushed her way through the pandemonium. Papi had to leave Cuba. Maybe becoming a man means not relying on your father anymore. He was covered with a fine gray powder from head to foot, like hed taken a bath in dry concrete mix. He stepped back and held her at arms length. This is all a misunderstanding, Papa said. The fisherman had to take it in trade. You'll also get updates on new titles we publish and the ability to save highlights and notes. If the bullies didnt notice you, they didnt hit you. If you were invisible, the bad people couldn't hurt you, that was true. Through Azaz. The soldier opened the back door of the car and slid inside, pushing Waleed into the back of the station wagon. the wall. Well all go! Isabel cried. No more Ministry of Telling People What to Think or Else, he said. Struggling with distance learning? But they had never told Isabel and her family. Mahmoud screams, Mahmoud: Somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea 2015, 11 days from home (1), phone bobbing in the water in a plastic bag, and catches it. One of the men stopped at the drivers-side window and pointed his rifle at Mahmouds father. This isnt funny. Mami was very pregnantshe was due in a weeks timeso Isabel knelt down to find the iodine. But each of them had an automatic rifle, which was really all that mattered. Mahmoud and his family were waiting in line at Kilis, Turkey, at the border to enter the country. Instant PDF downloads. She had bright eyes, wild brown haircut in a bob and parted on the side a little gap between her 2 front teeth. Mahmoud barely had time to yell Run! and drag Waleed and his sister away before the whole building came crashing down into the street, thundering like a jet fighter. In the seat beside him, Waleed sat up straight next to his open window, unmoving and unfazed. The boy reached down, palmed the armband, and took Josef by the arm. Like Josef, Mahmoud is also forced to make a difficult choice that shows his maturity and the weight of his responsibility. The Hitler Youth led Josef down the narrow corridor of the German passenger car. This is a decision that no 13-year-old should have to make, but Mahmouds difficult journey requires him to take on this burden. Asked by Potterbotter. And then, six months after hed been taken away, they got a telegram. how much does a saltine cracker weigh,

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