That went nowhere, but the day before the march, Barger announced the Angels would stay away out of patriotic concerns that anti-American marchers might provoke violent acts by us and only produce sympathy for this mob of traitors. While imprisoned, Barger received dozens of requests for interviews every month but continuously turned them down as he was collaborating with a screenwriter at the time to have his life story turned into a film and was unwilling to compromise the commercial viability of the project. They divorced after a domestic dispute in which she was hospitalised for a broken rib and lacerated spleen. As the longtime president of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, Sonny Barger, who has died aged 83, was the epitome of the outlaw biker. They hated each other. Wearing leathers with the skulled-wing insignia of the Angels, shorn off at the arms to reveal. The motorcycle community on a global level has lost an iconic man. It was thought up by the FBI. [52] Barger was held on a $1 million bail and spent 14 months in San Francisco County Jail before and during the trial. [22] Amidst claims by the Hells Angels' attorneys, Jack Berman and Herman Mintz, of insufficient evidence and an illegal search by arresting officers, all five defendants pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful imprisonment. R alph "Sonny" Barger, best known as a founding member and longtime leader of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, died last week at 83 of cancer. Please, Founding member of the Hells Angels who revelled in beating up anti-Vietnam War peaceniks and pulled a gun on Keith Richards, Sonny Barger with his second wife Sharon in San Francisco in 1980 after he was acquitted of racketeering, Barger at home in Arizona in 2010 in retirement he lost his love for Harleys. Barger, 83, died of liver cancer at his Livermore home in late June. Ralph "Sonny" Barger, the tough-living leader of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, has died after a brief battle with cancer. [1][54] Barger himself admitted during the trial that he had used and sold narcotics in the 1960s, but asserted that his actions did not involve the Hells Angels. He has acquired his income from his various appearances in films and television series. It was something he had earned, but also an image he cultivated with charisma and shrewdness, turning Hells Angels into a worldwide brand. Birthday: October 8, 1938 How Old - Age: 84 Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. He rode his motorcycle into the pages of world history. "[43] Barger and the others were charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. The postwar image of motorcycle gangs was established by the 1953 movie The Wild One. Tait called Barger on November 9, 1987, and reported that he had accomplished his mission. Sonny Barger Net Worth. [23] The RICO case against the Hells Angels was the most substantial effort in federal history against the club at the time, and charged the defendants with various crimes dating back to 1971, including manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine; conspiring to commit murder; assault; use of false identification; intimidation; and bribery. [7] Barger was formally indicted on December 15, 1987, along with twenty others. Though . Read. I've asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing," a . By Katy St. Clair. Born October 8, 1938 Died June 29, 2022 (83) [7] According to police intelligence reports, he had designated San Jose chapter president Fillmore Cross as his international successor during a motorcycle run at Bass Lake prior to his imprisonment. Registered in England No. And I've had the privilege to be part of an amazing club. [12], He married his fourth wife, Zorana (ne Katzakian), on June 25, 2005. His father had German and Dutch ancestry, and his mother was of Italian descent. Sonny Barger obituary Founding member of the Hell's Angels who revelled in beating up anti-Vietnam War 'peaceniks' and pulled a gun on Keith Richards Saturday July 02 2022, 12.01am BST, The Times. Sonny Barger was a founding member of the Oakland, California Hells Angels, and a bestselling author and actor. His Facebook profile was updated with the news. Everybody hated us. Insert image . [90] He founded a motorcycle repair company in Arizona named the Big Red Machine, a reference to a popular nickname for the Hells Angels. [109] He and Noel later divorced. "[7] On January 23, 1991, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld Barger's convictions, stating that granting him amnesty "would greatly intrude into the law enforcement functions of the executive branches of federal and state governments". [6] The defense team endeavored to expose the government's "outrageous" investigative conduct and discredit Tait, whom the government acknowledged was paid $300,000 in salary and expenses for the information he provided. I'm sure some of our members own guns, whether legal or not. Barger left Arizona in October 2016, returning to the Oakland chapter. [23], Barger and his wife were among 33 members and associates of the Hells Angels' Oakland, San Francisco, Marin County, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Vallejo chapters indicted on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) statutes on June 13, 1979. He used us for dupes". He was an actor and producer, known for Sons of Anarchy (2008), Gimme Shelter (1970) and Angels from Hell (1968). [93] Barger attended the last negotiating session with the Outlaws between January 23 and 25, 1999 in Indianapolis, where in a joint press conference with Anastas it was warned that any Outlaw or Hells Angel who violated the peace agreement "would be dealt with". Barger. Sonny Barger, a Hells Angel known for his role on Sons of Anarchy, died of cancer on June 29 at age 83. [32] The drug charges against Barger were later dismissed, although Howarth was convicted and sentenced to serve five years-to-life in prison. The funeral was heavily attended; thousands of bikers descended on Stockton for the 6-hour affair. [17] After a chance encounter a member of a pre-existing Hells Angels chapter, Barger learned of the club's history, rules, regulations and procedures. Please know that I passed peacefully after a brief battle with cancer. First of all we're a virtual army. As the longtime president of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, Sonny Barger, who has died aged 83, was the epitome of the outlaw biker. [15], In 1956, Barger joined his first motorcycle club, the Oakland Panthers, which he founded with a group of fellow military veterans. [56] The feud between the two clubs began in 1974 when Outlaws bikers in South Florida murdered three members of the Hells Angels' Lowell, Massachusetts, chapter as retribution for an Outlaw being beaten by Hells Angels at a party in New York City. [17] Under Barger's leadership, the club's membership began to increase. [23] The indictments followed two car bombings targeting law enforcement officers in northern California, which were blamed on the Hells Angels. [7] He appears in the documentary film about the Altamont Free Concert: Gimme Shelter (1970). Sonny Barger Death Fact Check Sonny is alive and kicking and is currently 84 years old. [70] The U.S. Please, The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated. We really missed the boat not switching over to the Japanese models when they began building bigger bikes. Terimakasih telah berkunjung di situs resmi uyeshare. With the Zimmermans, he also wrote a memoir of biker tales and two novels about a biker named Patch Kinkade, one of which, Dead in 5 Heartbeats, was made into a film in 2013 that he produced along with his fourth wife, Zorana (nee Katzakian); they both played bit parts in it. [64] When Gentry was acquitted after a four-day trial, Barger sent invitations to the jurors to attend a party he threw for Gentry at a local Sheraton Hotel. [32] The killing of Agero was one of five possibly linked murders committed in the area around that time. Barger withdrew from public leadership of the Angels and by 1998 was living in Arizona. Passaro was acquitted on grounds of self-defence. The apostrophe you would expect in Hells would not fit on their new patch. [20] The Oakland Hells Angels maintained a preeminent position as "first among equals" by having the largest membership of any U.S. chapter and because of Barger's esteem among club members internationally. Mr. Barger's former attorney, Fritz Clapp, said he . [17] He and the Oakland Hells Angels were initially unaware that there were several other, loosely affiliated, clubs using the same name throughout California. Talking about his funeral details so it has not been revealed by his family but we will make sure to update you whenever we will getting news or any information regarding his funeral details. [77][78] The Angels' November 1994 "patch over" of the Hell's Henchmen biker gang in the Outlaws' home base of Chicago resulted in a number of shootings and bombings. Ralph "Sonny" Barger was a founding member of the Oakland, California, chapter of the Hells Angels in 1957. . Furthermore, the Appeals Court ruled that the district court did not act in error to sentence Barger under the federal guidelines. [99], In terms of pure workmanship, personally I don't like Harleys. The Modesto native is credited with creating the first Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels, an outlaw . These set the scene for Nicholson and Fondas acting breakthrough with Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider, a romantic portrayal of bikers as countercultural outlaws. [14] After his return from the Army, Barger drifted between menial jobs and lived with his father in a single residence at a hotel, later moving in with his sister and her children. [5][12] Barger grew up in Oakland in the post-war era, during which time the city's shipbuilding and automobile industries went into decline, leading to a significant rise in unemployment. [106] The marriage ended in divorce. He was 83. Barger's Guardian obituary also noted that "in 1979 Barger was one of 33 people charged with racketeering under federal Rico (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws. [103] Increasing tensions between the Hells Angels and other motorcycle clubs led to Barger organizing a peace conference scheduled to be held in the Arizona desert following the April 2002 Laughlin River Run motorcycle rally in Laughlin, Nevada. The death of Aquarius. Philanthropist. Barger returned on November 29, 2011, in the season 4 finale, part one. [67] Two EPIC manuals and a homemade explosive device were discovered in Barger's home by federal agents. Fourteen months later he was discharged honourably, as he had lied about his age to join without parental permission. Sonny Barger was born on October 8, 1938 and is 84 years old now. The blacks and Latinos didn't like us. Sonny Barger: Funeral & Obituary. [88] Barger transferred over from the Oakland chapter to the newly formed Cave Creek charter in October 1998. [105], Barger's first wife Elsie Mae (ne George) died on February 1, 1967, from an embolism in her bloodstream after undergoing an illegal abortion. Barger also circulated a photograph of the two Outlaws who killed Webb, firstly at an Oakland chapter meeting on November 30, 1986, and again at a summit of West Coast chapter officers on January 3, 1987. [60] Cleveland Hells Angel-turned-government witness Clarence Crouch testified for the prosecution that Gentry had murdered Tanner as part of an initiation process into the Hells Angels. [62] Barger and his Oakland contingent rented a house on Toledo's Sylvania Street, and the Angels showed a significant presence in the city throughout the court case. His wife and family were with him when he died. Barger claimed to have been sitting on stage drinking beer when the violence was taking place. He dropped out of school in the tenth grade. The Hells Angels were incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1966. Barger's testimony challenged earlier assertions by government witnesses who testified that Anthony Benesh, a motorcyclist who was shot dead in Austin on March 18, 2006, after attempting to establish a Hells Angels chapter in the city, was killed by Bandidos members because he had ignored the club's warnings to not set up a HAMC chapter in Texas. [48] On December 5, 1977, Barger opened the first Hells Angels chapter in Canada and awarded the Canadian Hells Angels national president Yves Buteau the right to wear a Hells Angels jacket with the word "International" written on the bottom a great honor within the world of the Hells Angels where jackets normally list only the state in which the Hells Angel lives in. According to a post on Facebook, which includes a. Barger, the leather-clad figurehead of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club, has died at age 83. Concert goers and musicians alike were subjected to violence from the Hells Angels, including Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane, who was knocked unconscious, and audience member Meredith "Murdock" Hunter, who was stabbed to death. An indifferent student, Barger quit school at 16 and joined the army. Barger, Beyea and Popkin were arrested after the Cadillac was chased for four miles by converging police. [30] Ingalls, a member of the Hells Angels' Oakland chapter who had previously transferred from the Omaha, Nebraska, charter, was found guilty of burglarizing Barger's valuable coin collection by a six-man kangaroo court at another member's home on February 1, 1968, and subsequently killed. Barger was also provided with an alibi from his girlfriend, Sharon Gruhlke, who claimed she was in bed with him at the time of the murder. We became isolated". Between 2010 and 2012 he made three appearances on the biker TV drama Sons Of Anarchy. [7] Onscreen, Barger was identified but did not speak in Hells Angels on Wheels (1967) and was one of several members of the Angels who had speaking parts playing themselves in Hell's Angels '69 (1969); he appeared in several additional films. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Sonny Barger, a founding member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who spent decades as the public face of the notorious biker gang, has died at the age of 83, according to his Facebook page. I'll usually say "Fuck Harley-Davidson." "If you are reading this message, you'll know that I'm gone," said Barger in a. Marshals Service provided security, and the assistant U.S. attorneys assigned to the case were deputized by the Marshals, allowing them to carry guns inside the courthouse. His wife and relatives were with him. As he was a former felon, both were illegal. Later that year, Barger suffered a fractured skull during a fight with Oakland police. Unless you cross him. In 1969, he began a relationship with Sharon Gruhlke, a former beauty queen from Livermore. He will retire only when he dies. [53] The defense maintained that the club should not be held accountable for crimes committed by individual members. [4][13] Growing up, Barger was suspended from school several times for assaulting teachers, and he often fought with other boys. "[5], Barger was employed as a machine operator from 1960 to 1965, when he was dismissed due to extended absences. This is not surprising. Local law enforcement is warning about the possibility of violence at the Saturday funeral of Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger at the 99 Speedway in California. He also attested that the FBI had asked him to fake his own death in order to further their investigation against the Hells Angels, to which he refused. [7] According to Barger's chief attorney James Crew, Ivaldi himself was involved in the conspiracy to kill Agero and, knowing he was a prime suspect and fearing retaliation from the "Texas Mafia", he tried to shift the blame to the Hells Angels. [93] The Angels capitulated in their attempt to establish a chapter within the Chicago city limits, founding a clubhouse in the suburb of Harvey instead. [50] He and fifteen others were arrested during a series of raids carried out in the Bay Area by around 200 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents. [87] Barger was later a member of the Yavapai County chapter. By now he was being arrested regularly, for marijuana possession or assault with a deadly weapon. [96] He subsequently wrote several biker-related novels. According to the post, Sonny Barger passed away from cancer while being surrounded by his wife, Zorana, and other close family members. Hell's Angel Sonny Barger is just a regular guy. "[25] President Johnson did not reply to the letter.[26]. The warning angered the Angels hierarchy, and Caronite was demoted from his position as a national officer. [19] On October 16, 1965, Barger led a group of Hells Angels in an attack on anti-war demonstrators marching from Berkeley to the Army Terminal in Oakland to protest against munitions shipments. [24] He went on to read out a telegram sent to President Lyndon B. Johnson, reading: "I volunteer a group of loyal Americans for behind the line duty in Vietnam. [77] Bowman allegedly placed a $100,000 bounty on Barger's life when he made a speech to hundreds of his followers on December 31, 1993, announcing an escalation of hostilities against the Hells Angels. Sonny Barger, founder of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels and the public face for the motorcycle club in the aftermath of the Altamont tragedy, has died at the age of 83. And I'm sure the government makes a living off of us. Barger's death was announced in a self-written Facebook post. Son of a mother, Kathryn Carmella Barger, and father, Ralph Hubert Barger, Sonny Barger had a rough childhood. Sentenced to 10 years to life, he served four and a half years at Folsom prison, and reputedly continued to run the Angels from his cell, and to marry his second wife, Sharon, there. An informant had led investigating detectives to the location of the automobile in which Long's corpse was found. [41], On April 11, 1970, Barger was arrested on narcotics charges after Donald Howarth, a film studio property manager and 1967 Mr. America from Studio City, was apprehended while walking towards Barger's home with 17 ounces of cocaine and 30 ounces of heroin (with an estimated retail worth of $350,000) in a suitcase. Barger's death on June 29 at the age of 83 made international headlines because of that reach. The sale of the various books he has authored adds up his total earnings. A delegation of Angels and their chief rival motorcycle gang, the Gypsy Jokers, met the activist Jerry Rubin and poet Allen Ginsberg in front of 1,000 people at San Jose State College to negotiate clearance for the November march scheduled for Oakland. [7], In 1998, Barger moved to Arizona, where he had previously served a prison sentence, with his third wife Beth Noel (ne Black) and stepdaughter Sarrah. "[7], Barger referred to the 1970s as "a gangster era for" the Hells Angels, writing in his autobiography: "The other clubs tried to take our [reputation] from us. The biker, from California, passed away peacefully surrounded by his wife Zorana and his loved ones on June 29. 894646. Barger's death was announced late Wednesday, June 29, 2022, on his Facebook page. He was convicted and served three and a half years of a four-year sentence; he insisted he had been entrapped by the FBI. Back in Oakland, living between his fathers and his older sisters family, and doing dock work, he met fellow veterans and in 1956 joined the Oakland Panthers motorcycle club. In July 2022, the Hells Angels made a request to hold a memorial service for Barger at the Oakland Coliseum in East Oakland the following month. "[7] In the late 1970s, Barger and other senior Hells Angels ordered James "Buddy" Caronite, the president of the club's East Coast faction, to organize a peace conference with Outlaws leaders. They got exactly what they wanted a dark scary atmosphere to play 'Sympathy for the Devil'Just because you sing well doesn't mean you can act like a bunch of assholes to your fans and that's what they did that night at Altamont". [48] In April 1977, Barger won an appeal to face a retrial on a prior marijuana possession conviction. [92] Mel Chancey, the president of the Hells Angels Chicago chapter who served as their lead negotiator, met with Barger in the spring of 1998 to discuss the negotiating terms. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF. A statement on his official Facebook page Thursday read . STOCKTON - Thousands of mourners are expected to be in attendance for the funeral of Sonny Barger, one of the figureheads of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, this weekend in Stockton. The supposed peace meeting, scheduled to be held in an eastern state, was in fact an opportunity for the Hells Angels to assassinate their rivals' leadership, according to investigators. Although many of his school friends became drug addicts, Barger worked at a grocery store and enlisted in the U.S. Army, aged sixteen in 1955, but was given an honorable discharge fourteen months later when it was discovered that he had forged his birth certificate in order to be able to join. He was previously married to Zorana Barger and Sharon Barger. [41] During his incarceration, a bikers' magazine ran a "Free Sonny Barger" campaign, selling T-shirts and bumper stickers, which helped pay his legal expenses. During a brawl between the bikers and the crowd, a black spectator, Meredith Hunter, was knifed to death by an Angel, Alan Passaro. [55], By 1978, the Hells Angels had chapters in Nebraska, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina and South Carolina. [4][12] After that club disbanded, he started riding with another group of bikers, one of whom, Don "Boots" Reeves, wore a patch that belonged to a defunct Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels in North Sacramento. He also sent a telegram to the then president, Lyndon Johnson, offering Hells Angels services to provide a trained group of crack gorillas [sic] to demoralize the Viet Cong and advance the cause of freedom. Sonny Barger, leader of Oakland Hells Angels, dies at 83 KPIX CBS SF Bay Area 357K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K Share 116K views 7 months ago Sonny Barger, a founding member of the Oakland. I've asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing. His criminal record began in 1963 after he was arrested for possession of marijuana. A farewell message, which the biker and writer had prepared before his death, was published on his Facebook profile. Barger was the face of the Hells Angels for decades, but the origin story of the Hells Angels. Vested with a quasi-military code of honour, the Angels golden rule was to ratpack on the side of any brother in a fight. [62] Wearing their "colors", the bikers rode their motorcycles past the residence of assistant county prosecutor James Bates, visited the neighbors of jurors after obtaining a list of prospective jurors in the case, and circled the courthouse in black vans with "Hells Angels" painted on the side. The defendants shook hands with Mullen and thanked him for his testimony. Barger served a total of 13 years in prison, following a conviction for heroin trafficking in 1974, and a 1988 conviction for conspiracy to bomb the clubhouse of a rival motorcycle gang, the Outlaws. By now, Barger had given up his job as a machinist, and taken advantage of the publicity to work as a technical adviser in exploitation biker movies, beginning with Roger Cormans Wild Angels (1966), starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra. "Ralph Barger" redirects here. He was appointed president of the Oakland chapter in 1958 following a series of meetings with Hells Angels from southern California. If there was a contract out on him, then he'd be dead. Rednecks couldn't stand us either. [24] Ginsberg invited Barger and the Oakland Hells Angels to a party where he provided the bikers with free alcohol, drugs and sex in exchange for their guarantee that the rally would not be attacked. Chosen Brothers Mc (Indiana) Confederate Angels Motorcycle Club, in Richmond, Virginia (defunct) [82] [83] Deathmasters Motorcycle Club [84] Demon Knights Motorcycle Club, in New York [85] Desert Road Riders [86] Desperado's Motorcycle Club [55] Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club, in Arizona (patched over in 1997) [87] Keep your head up high, stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor. Owen. [7] When students at the University of California, Berkeley announced an anti-Vietnam War rally, the Oakland Hells Angels denounced the rally as "a despicable un-American activity". His first wife, Elsie Mae (nee George), had died of an embolism in 1967 after a then illegal abortion. [16] According to U.S. Attorney William Hunter, the "cornerstone" of the Hells Angels' drug enterprise was the "largescale manufacture and mass distribution of methamphetamine". [42] Barger was, however, sentenced to ninety days in jail after walking out of a court session. The ten defendants went on trial at Louisville federal court beginning in July 1988, accused of plotting to bomb the clubhouse of the Outlaws' Louisville chapter, located in the city's Portland neighborhood, in retaliation for the killing of John Cleave Webb. 2. We're all across the country, and now we're in foreign countries also. [7][65], Anthony "Taterhead" Tait, the sergeant-at-arms of the Hells Angels chapter in Anchorage, Alaska, volunteered to become a paid informant for the FBI in 1984, commencing a three-year nationwide Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation known as Operation CACUS. [83][84] Although the Outlaws failed to kill either man, a number of Hells Angels-owned businesses in southern California were firebombed. He stated following his conviction: "I think we won very handily in there. Zorana and Sonny had married in 2005, the year he wrote Freedom: Credos From the Road, a compendium of his wisdom and guide to life. He escaped drug-dealing, kidnapping and murder charges, but was finally convicted in 1973 of possession of heroin and firearms. [66], Barger sent a stolen copy of a government document prepared by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), which contained the identities and personal data of Outlaws members and associates, via express mail to Webb's sister in Louisville, Kentucky, who then turned it over to Hells Angels members. Barger's death was announced on his Facebook page late Wednesday. "[23] He also began studying sociology at Folsom. [10][11] His mother left the family when Barger was four months old, leaving him and his older sister Shirley to be raised by their Pentecostal grandmother and alcoholic father, a day laborer on the Oakland docks. [91], In 1998, peace talks were opened to end the long-standing biker war with the Outlaws, which was largely because the conflict was bringing down too much police pressure on both clubs. [7] At Christmas 1989, he sent one of the prosecutors in the case, assistant U.S. attorney Cleve Gambill, a card from prison, showing him posing on a towel as if he were on the beach, with the message: "Nice weather. [48] He was paroled on November 3, 1977, after serving four-and-a-half years of his sentence. There are seven [Hells Angels] chapters in England and he comes over here a lot. Unable to travel to the trial in San Antonio, Texas due to medical reasons, Barger testified via video link from the federal courthouse in San Francisco, denying that the Hells Angels and the Bandidos were enemies. With warfare between gangs intensifying, in 2002 he tried to organise a peace conference at the Laughlin River Run rally in Nevada, but a battle between Hells Angels and Mongols left three dead, and the conference was cancelled. "[34] Barger maintained that the Rolling Stones were ultimately responsible for the violent events that took place at the concert, saying: "They agitated the crowd, had the stage built too low, and then used us to keep the whole thing boiling. Barger reportedly celebrated his 50th birthday in the midst of the trial by partying and smoking marijuana at the home of Thomas Clay, Michael O'Farrell's lawyer, in Goshen, Kentucky. [87][89] In 1999, Lavigne wrote: "The Hells Angels obviously have big plans for Arizona. [6] Following a three-month-trial, the longest ever in the history of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, Barger and O'Farrell were convicted on October 28, 1988, on the felony charge of conspiracy to transport and receive explosives in interstate commerce with intent to kill and damage buildings. [66], Barger and nine other Hells Angels from California and Alaska were extradited to Kentucky to stand trial for conspiring to transport firearms and explosives across state lines. Hood and Jarman told police that the incident was merely an initiation hazing. Thousands of people are. Carlson said that he had been a fan of Barger since his college years, quoted Barger as saying "stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor", and adding "I want to pay tribute to the man who spoke those words". Ralph "Sonny" Barger was an author of numerous books, an actor and a founding member of the Oakland Hells Angels on April 1st, 1957. [23] Prosecutors claimed that the Angels accumulated $160,000 per day in street sales of the drug. Just like I'm sure some cops have sold methamphetamines. Barger also stripped the Hells Angels' "colors" of offensive patches, such as Nazi regalia and various colored wings awarded to members as a reward for sexual adventures performed in the presence of other members. [1] He had no biological children. Barger features prominently in Hunter S. Thompson's book, Hell's Angels. [22] Barger and the Hells Angels, many of whom were military veterans, considered themselves anti-communist and anti-subversion.

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