Costa Rica ranks top among the nations with the happiest people in the world. And the only tradeoff is a little short-lived rainfall during your stay! In Central Costa Rica, the average high is 87 F and average low is 73 F. By the end of the month, you have 50% sunny days and 8 days of rain, but the rainy days decrease as the month goes on. Oh, and before we forget, December gives you another opportunity to see the extraordinary decorations by the Costa Ricans. They're also most crowded. In fact, you're likely to encounter snow here until well into May and temperatures can fall to -30C, though Norrland 's summer months are typically a comfortable 15 degrees. Expect that if you leave valuable items in plain sight and unattended, such as on the beach or in the car, that they will be taken. The most stable weather is between December and April. Your opportunities for spotting wildlife are best in green season. On the typically rainy southern Caribbean Coast, the rain lightens up in September and October, making it a great time to visit. It still erupts from time to time, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to see lava flowing down the volcano. It emerged into the Caribbean Sea to the East and the West, Pacific waters. But look out for the rest of the year. It is a democratic republic which is located in Central America. Heavy rain, mostly in the afternoons, and sporadic showers are likely from May to November, with September and October having the heaviest rainfall. We'll go over the best (and worst) times to visit Costa Rica based on weather, peak travel times, cost, and more in this article. When the Nation faces two presidential rounds, this polarizes the tourism industry. Dry Seasons February, March, April, August (2nd half), September, October These months are the driest of the year with occasional rain usually occurring at night or early in the morning. (avg. Instead, it has a dry season and a rainy season. This is partly the result of higher elevations. Costa Rica September. If you want to surf, then it depends on the region. This a tough topic. Costa Rica boasts 800 miles of pristine coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Rainy days and cloudy skies continue throughout the country. . On a mission to witness the planet's beauty and diversity, he shares his experiences on this website through articles, videos, and photography, including interactive virtual tours. The highlands tend to be cooler, whereas the beaches tend to be warmer. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from January through February and in July. Liberia (Guanacaste) has dry periods in January, February and March. 'It's so expensive' were the words on fellow travellers lips. You can see many animals in Costa Rica at any time of the year, including monkeys, coati, and sloths, crocodiles, and macaws. Costa Rica rarely experiences the direct impact of a hurricane on the Caribbean or Pacific coasts. Julien is an exploration-minded, curiosity-driven traveler and blogger. The rain brings out the best in Costa Ricas flora. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Click here to learn how to make the most out of your trip. The Ostional Wildlife Refuge in the Guanacaste Province of Nicoya Peninsula is among the best locations to witness this phenomenon. Costa Rica is bubbling over with life and energy. Prices and crowds are at their peak, making this the most expensive and crowded time to visit. The Nation values family as the basic social unit, with children staying with their families until they get married. You can see sea turtles at different times throughout the year, but the most famous spot to see them is in Tortuguero National Park on the north Caribbean coast, and July-October is the best time to see them nesting here. This period is during the low season, so youll deal with fewer tourists and may feel like youve got the place to yourself. The chart above shows that Limon gets rain about 18 days a month on a fairly consistent basis throughout the year. Lets have a look at them. However, there are many microclimates in Costa Rica. Good deal one-way. Keep in mind that as you move through different altitudes and regions, the climate can change in minutes. James Kaiser has guided visitors on when they should visit different places. One of the best ways of, Read More A Travelers Guide to Hiking in Cape CodContinue. Costa Rica is driest and sunniest late December-April, but clouds lift . Therefore, the chance that you shall get competitive services is so low. This tropical Central American country is nestled between Nicaragua (to the north) and Panama (to the south). He is also fond of outdoor and so-called extreme sports, often discovered while traveling and practiced back at home where he focuses on improving his knowledge and skills - so he can explore further on the next trip! May through November is the green season. Whether you book your trip during the best time to visit Costa Rica or during the worst, youre going to have an amazing tropical experience. The weather in Costa Rica is pretty temperate year-round, but it is best avoided during the wet season. In Central Costa Rica, the average high is 88 F and average low is 72 F. This is one of the wettest months for the region, with about 13 days of rain and 6 inches of rain. The rest . Surfing season on the Caribbean Coast is December to March. All Rights Reserved. The rainy season starts and cloud cover increases dramatically as the month goes on. While theres considerably more rainfall during these months, the rains in Costa Rica move through quickly and will still leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the sunny beaches and outdoor exploration. DID YOU KNOW: Its not uncommon for Costa Rica to run out of rental cars during the high season which is January. Weather in February continues to be sunny and dry. Natural Science Museum La Salle Courtesy of phaitoon - The greenery is very lush and abundant, and waterfalls are at their maximum flow. You can expect to see drier weather as you head north, and wetter weather as you head south. From scarlet macaws to slow-moving sloths, you will be astounded at the diversity of life youll find in this country. Not all is gone for those who want to compare the green and the dry weather. The dense jungles and protected rain forests in national parks here are ideal destinations for anyone who loves to get out and see wildlife in their natural habitat. Be sure to plan your stay before mid-December, because prices (and crowds) pick back up for Christmas break near the end of December. It gives amazing green landscapes and lush. The summer or dry season tends to begin in January and extends into April. San Jos has an average high temperatures in the low 70s Fahrenheit. Costa Rica Monthly Weather Averages: Rain, Temperatures, Costa Rica Travel Information: Tips, Attractions, Weather, Puntarenas is quiet during the summer. Parque Nacional Volcn Arenal is approximately 17km (10.5 miles) west of La Fortuna. You wont run into frigid temperatures when you visit here, no matter what time of year you go. This Central American nation located between the Caribbean and Pacific coasts is endowed with wild rainforests, spectacular national parks, roaring waterfalls, and other natural wonders. To sail in Tahiti means to enjoy not only the beauty of the islands, but also the, Read More The Top 5 Places to Sail in TahitiContinue, California is mostly synonymous with the Hollywood entertainment industry, sunny beaches, and a temperate weather. There are several things you should avoid doing when you are in Costa Rica. millions of different wildlife and plant species, Best Time to Visit Hawaii | When to Go & Travel Tips, The 15 Best Hotels in Hawaii in 2023 | For All Budgets, The 15 Best Places to Visit in Hawaii in 2023, Is Hawaii Safe to Visit in 2023? To the North, the Nation borders Nicaragua, and to the South, it has Panama. January through March is typically the worst time to visit Costa Rica. Thinking of planning your trip somewhere tropical and not quite settled on Costa Rica? Costa Rica has a very diverse and changeable climate. Japan has objectively no best time to visit as each season offers a different experience and spectacular beauty. Next-door neighbours Nicaragua Dropdown content and Panama Dropdown content make the easiest and most obvious add-ons to a sojourn in Costa Rica. You'll learn the best time to visit Costa Rica - and the worst time to plan your visit - in this quick travel guide. Pacific Coast or Caribbean Coast? That time period shifts slightly depending on your goals for the trip. January and February are smack dab in the dry season, with plenty of sunny days and low rain. But be aware that your trip will be more expensive and a little less serene! These first few months of the dry season are particularly pleasant since the weather condition is warm and the skies are clear. Sitting at an elevation of 1,670 meters (5,480 feet), Arenal is one of Costa Rica's many volcanoes. Youll have an easier time booking a last-minute vacation at this time of year with fewer crowds and less tourists choosing to visit. From the central capital city of San Jose to smaller towns that dot the dreamy coastlines (we especially love Quepos for its natural beauty and immersive cultural experience), Costa Rica is so alive with culture, tradition, and amazing foods. Despite its average economy, there is plenty you can enjoy. Plus, there may still bespring break travelers, so youll want to book your vacation well in advance. Despite its skimpy scale, Costa Rica's mountains, rainforests, cloud forests and Pacific and Caribbean coasts mean that temperatures and rainfall vary wildly. The dry season is back! What is The Worst Time To Visit Costa Rica (And When To Go Instead). Talk with a Costa Rica Expert about the best destinations to visit during this time of year. The mountains in the middle of the country create a rain shadow for the Pacific coast throughout part of the year. On the Pacific Coast, the average high is 91 F and average low is 80 F. There are 2 days with rain, receiving less than 1 inch of rain total., The Limon monthly weather shows the best and worst times to visit the port. The worst months are May through October because of a much higher risk. San Jose, Costa Rica 10104. Plus earthquakes are almost a daily occurrence and floods are common in the rainy . April marks the last month of the dry season, although it can last a couple weeks longer in the arid northwest region of Guanacaste. For those who love waterfall hiking, then here is your solution. Home Travel Central America Costa Rica What is The Worst Time To Visit Costa Rica (And When To Go Instead). If you want to experience the lush vegetation and smaller crowds, rainy season might be your best bet. The WORST Times to Visit Costa Rica Christmas is so busy you NEED to book everything well in advance! In July and August, Costa Rica is in the drier part of the rainy season Costa Ricans call it veranillo or little summer. The Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio, and Tamarindo are the most popular places to visit in May. It is located in a village with rainforests which have covered the beach. On the Pacific Coast, the average high is 88 F and average low is 78 F. There are 12 days with rain, receiving about 5 inches of rain total, with rain decreasing throughout the month. Yes, the answer depends on the individual. Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec; Arenal Volcano: 28 . January-February and July-September are the best months to see whales on the Pacific coast. Costa Rica has a tropical climate. Overall, October is the coolest month of the year. Most elections are held in February. It is the perfect time to explore Costa Ricas magnificent rainforests, view the wild animals in their natural habitat, and relax on the sandy beaches. The worst time to visit Costa Rica is in September and October. 2. This is how we keep the lights on (i.e. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We understand that you are excited that you know when and where to visit when you are in Costa Rica but hold on. Rainfall reaches more than three inches in October through December, but the totals are still low compared to the rest of the Caribbean. Its the best month to visit Costa Rica for the sunniest weather, with about of the days being sunny. Temperature averages throughout the country range from 75F to 90F year-round. The worst months are May through October because of. Due to its relatively cheap currency against the U.S dollar, services are cheaper here. According to Christa from Pura Vida Moms, the worst place to go if you want to avoid mosquitoes in Costa Rica is the Caribbean Coast (around Tortuguero National Park), Osa Penninsula . Costa Rica Experts 2023. Rainfall is a possibility, especially around the beginning of November, but light rain showers, are enjoyable, especially while swimming in waterfalls. If you want to enjoy your vacation in the ideal weather, then December and January are the best time to visit Costa Rica. It is so bad that hotels and businesses are closed on the South Pacific coast. Another reason the wet season is not ideal is that some of the vital attractions sites in the country, such as national parks and beaches, may be closed or their operating hours shortened due to the wet weather; hence it limits the activities and time one gets to enjoy. Suppose you want to travel to any isolated or rural areas. Since these months fall between peak seasons, there are fewer visitors and lower accommodation prices. Calles 27 & 29, Ave 2, Unfortunately, one of the most common crimes in Costa Rica is theft. On the Pacific Coast, the average high is 91 F and average low is 80 F. There are 7 days with rain, receiving about 2 inches of rain total. He is the author of four books about cruising in the Caribbean, Alaska and Mexican Riviera. On the Pacific Coast, the average high is 89 F and average low is 80 F. More than half the days are sunny, with 7 days of rain and 2 inches of rain falling. Costa Rica Pacific vs Caribbean Coast: Which is Best for You? With a booming tourism industry and tons of things for everyone to enjoy, anyone whos been to beautiful Costa Rica will tell you youve got to see it to believe it. pay for content, product research, guides, and more). Stunningly blue water and sandy shores of all different colors even a famous black sand beach draw tons of tourists here each year. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts should also consider visiting during the dry season. On the Caribbean Coast, the average high is 85 F and the average low is 77 F. The area sees about 2 inches of rain, with an average of 4 rainy days per month. Have you been looking for a country to visit? The choices of the animal parks you can visit are limited to places such as the Punta Uva and Cahuita National Parks. However, the rainy season isnt quite as severe as one might imagine, which is why the term green season has gained popularity instead of wet season because the countrys jungles, forests, and flowers use the rainfall to blossom and turn green.. It is unusual for Limon weather to get a break in September and October. Youll need to be prepared for rain most days, and heavy rain at that. South Pacific | Visit Costa Rica | Costa Rica Tourism Official website Skip to main content If you plan to visit the country during this time, rent your car in Costa Rica ahead of time .

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